Mix deps.get - with Artifactory?

I am currently evaluating Elixir for building tools for my company. I like how mix manages dependencies. I have been looking around to see how to configure mix to look at something like Artifactory in our own private cloud for installing libraries we create. I see you can use git: and github: to specify remotes. Is there something like this for Artifactory?

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I’ve personally not seen one for artifactory but it is extensible in mix.deps as I recall, you’d just specify your own SCM module (maybe a manager too?) and you can use it to specify dep locations too as I recall. I’m unsure on the details as I’ve not made one, but maybe @josevalim or someone will pop in to clarify how with links to documentation? :slight_smile:


Artifactory is for binary artifacts which can be linked at compile time with your application, like JAR files in Java. AFAIK, there is no such thing as linkable binaries in Elixir. Like with Golang the dependency manager gets sources which are in some way vendored and compiled along your application. In short, I don’t see more use of Artifactory for Elixir than for Golang for example.

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Yeah I was looking for a Mix source module for Artifactory like we have for NPM, Gem, Yum, etc.

With gem we can remove rubygems.org from the source list and set up Artifactory as a proxy to rubygems and cache artifacts in our own cloud, as well as host our own gems internally.

For some reasons - such as auditing and network requirement, etc. - having Elixir support in such artifact/package management software is often wanted, even elixir package is just source code package. Note that go is adopting “package” system and Artifactory and Nexus support Go as well…

These are tickets for Elixir, for the reference.

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