Modern CSS with Tailwind book club - anyone interested in joining?

We’ll be running a Modern CSS with Tailwind, Second Edition: Flexible Styling Without the Fuss by Noel Rappin book club here soon - if anyone is interested in joining PM me, I should be able to get you a copy!

(I’ll remove this when we’ve reached our limit.)


Curious, what is a book club? :slight_smile: How does it work?


It’s essentially a thread on the forum where participants can leave comments/chat about their journey through the book/the tech. People not taking part in the book club can also post comments, ask questions about things someone has posted about it, etc :smiley:

There’s no hard requirements other than us suggesting you make at least one post per chapter (even if it’s just to say you’ve completed the chapter or are looking forward to the next one) so that it sets a goal for you to get through the book as well as help motivate everyone else in the club to keep reading :blush:

I would love to join! What’s the process for signing up?

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I’ve gone through the book, and found it pretty… meh. Much of the text is a pedantic listing of the tailwind documentation:

It’s the only PragProg book that I feel I didn’t learn much from.