My Elixir livestreams on Twitch

Hey Elixir people!

I have being doing this livestreams where I do open-source contributions (some of them were on elixir core) and side projects.

My intention with it would be to both incentivize OSS contributions and teaching a bit of elixir at the same time I’m learning it myself.

For those who get interested, my intention is to have at least 1 live a week, please subscribe here:

PS.: Today I’m going to do a livestream learning to use muzak on a open-source project I maintain. Feel free to join me there.


Followed! :slight_smile:

For those who missed the last live, I exported the whole live to my youtube channel:


Also, I will start a new livestream soon. My objective today is to create a new side project using phoenix liveview, so if anyone is interested, feel free to join me there!

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And here is the recording, did mess up a bit on the beginning, and got caught on trying to explain liveview instead of actually doing the project, but hey maybe useful to someone right? :smiley:


Hey everyone!

Next livestream is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, May 14th 17:30 UTC. Here are the issues I’m planning to tackle during it:

Feel free to follow me on twitch to get notified when it starts, see you there.


Going live in 15-30 min, join me there to chat a bit and contribute with me :wink:

Thanks everyone that watched the livestream! I do export it to youtube if you want to watch

I didn’t actually get to the side project, got stuck on the open-source contribution to hex, but was cool either way. See you!

PS.: there were some leftovers, I might actually do other quick lives during the weekend, just to finish it up.

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