Nerves v1.0 Released

Whoo hoo Nerves reached v1.0 a few days ago!

We are thrilled to announce Nerves v1.0 is finally out. This has been 4219 commits by 102 contributors since the initial commit on October 29th, 2013! This would not have been possible without our corporate sponsors and individual backers.

Full details here: Nerves v1.0 Released - Embedded Elixir

Huge congrats to all of the @Nerves-Core-Team :023:


Having jumped in into working with Nerves just a couple of days ago, let me say: Nerves is really a top-notch piece of Software! I had not expected that writing software for a Raspberry Pi or similar hardware could be so painless :smile:. It all Just Works :tm:.

Huge kudos and congradulations, @Nerves-Core-Team! :heart:


Niiice! And I just got a package full of sensors to play with. Awesome, thank you!