New Nerves Forum!

In case you haven’t heard, Nerves has come of age! The project recently reached version 1.0 :purple_heart:

With the increased popularity and interest, the Nerves team feel they are ready to have a greater presence here on the forum and so we’ve set up some sections to create a Nerves Forum …just like the one we have for Phoenix :003:

It comprises of the following:

Nerves Forum
Nerves News
Nerves Chat/Discussions
Nerves Questions/Help

Just like with the Elixir and Phoenix news sections, only the @Nerves-Core-Team will be able to post threads in the Nerves News section (with everyone else able to reply) while the other sections can be posted in as usual by everyone else :023:

We hope you’ll enjoy the Nerves related threads here, and join us in wishing the Nerves team all the very best - congratulations on reaching this important milestone - we can’t wait to see what’s next for Nerves and how everyone will be using it! :041: