New EEF Working Group Proposal: "Libraries and Frameworks"

I recently brought up the idea of a group supporting library and framework authors, and here is my working proposal for an EEF Working Group called “Libraries and Frameworks” :tada: Feedback welcome. Comment if interested! EEF Working Group Proposal: Libraries and Frameworks Working Group · GitHub


That’s an interesting idea, however I have some questions:

  1. How is it different from what hex team is doing right now? They provide the tooling and the best practices for package management in Erlang and Elixir ecosystems. All improvements to package management and documentation are related to hex.

  2. Can you elaborate on what exactly this wg will be doing? I mean, what kind of support will it be: packaging everything into hex? Supporting maintainers of critical libraries with money? Creating issues on github with suggestions for improvements of quality of software?

  3. How will this work group define whether the library needs any support or not?

By the way, cc kianmeng (Kian-Meng Ang) · GitHub who already took a part in improvement of documentation in whole ecosystem. Documentation/typos hero of the community

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily say that all improvements to package management and documentation are related to hex. There are tons of cross cutting concerns. I think the biggest short term goal would be to identify and make plans for the issues that package authors face.
  2. I think the major deliverables would/could be
    a. the review and maintenance of documentation related to library/framework development (like the library best practices guide in elixir core)
    b. assistance with making proposals to core technologies (like Elixir, Erlang, Gleam, BEAM) (I’m not qualified to help with all of those personally).
    c. discovery of issues/ways to improve the story around creating and maintaining libraries and frameworks
  3. I don’t think the idea is to identify libraries and frameworks that need financial assistance and provide them, rather to find ways to improve things across the board. If we get to the point that we are aiming to fund specific projects (ideally we won’t) then yes we would need to define those criteria.