Opensource Projects Using AshFramework as Learning Resource

I’m aware of 2 such projects, are there others?

git: GitHub - team-alembic/realworld: A fullstack Phoenix LiveView application with backend built with Ash Framework

git: GitHub - ash-project/ash_hq: The Ash Framework homepage and documentation site.

git: GitHub - zachdaniel/twitter: A tiny example app used to show some features of Ash in a LiveView Mastery youtube video
demo: /


I saw this project mentioned recently: GitHub - orcasound/orcasite: Live-listening web app -- ⭐

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I have an open-source project that uses Ash, but it is VERY early days, and to be frank, I’ve been focused on a new job the last few months.

I have plans to reignite my work here in 2024 but time will tell.

GitHub - dewetblomerus/red: Practice spelling Red Words

GitHub - jarlah/ash-activity-planner
GitHub - mrdotb/leagueofreplays