Opinions needed on building a tutorial course using elixir and Phoenix LiveView (Tetris game)

I have built this Tetris Game for Phoenix Phrenzy competition.

I am considering to create a video course so that others can learn and be benefitted too.

Can you suggest what Platform should I host the course? How much should I charge?
Or should I keep it for free on youtube?

For those who say Udemy, I am not sure if relevant buyers are there.

It will be 4 or 5 hours of recorded video.
Single or split into multiple chunks.
I will roll out videos in next 3-4 days(by the end of August) and then keep them updating… so the course will be updated with time. I am not sure if I can update youtube videos.

Attaching Gif and video of Demo below.



Nice to see a Phoenix Phrenzy entry!

Personally I am a fan of YouTube but with regards to whether you charge, only you can decide this tbh, as there are pros and cons of charging or not charging. Here are some brief thoughts…

Free on YouTube will get you the most views without a doubt - and, depending on how polished the course is, could be your gateway into paid content as well as kudos :smiley:

Charging for the course will yield less viewers but you get compensated for your time (the less you charge will result in more viewers).

There is value in both… only you can decide what will make it worth it for you - whatever you decide, good luck :023:


Interesting. Unsure why you’d not choose Udemy @sandeshsoni? I think the platform is a minor detail at this point. If you had content where Udemy would not be sufficient, I’d consider something else. But, since at the moment you don’t have anything and are considering putting on youtube, I’d try Udemy as my first thought. Anything else seems like over-engineering right now. My 2c.

PS, to @AstonJ’s point, youtube would be great for it as well.

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Why don’t do both? I’ve seen several of the Udemy instructors upload a basic course to YouTube, and a more detailed/advanced version of the same course to Udemy. The YouTube content should give people enough information to know if it makes sense for them to buy the Udemy course.


Based on feedback from everyone and everywhere, I have 2 best options with Equal votes.

A> Udemy

B> Gumroad

Other option(s) is Teachable and Youtube.

nobody mentioned LeanPub or other publishers. Lets see.

Today I am beginning to create course videos. Hope to get it out by weekend.

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Personally, I won’t give a single cent to Udemy courses. Many courses there are stolen from the actual authors and even if the actual authors report that, they get no money for it and the illegal uploader gets away with that.
Platforms with such a bad behaviour don’t deserve any revenue.


I think it really depends on your current priority. If you need income right now, selling it through LeanPub/Gumroad/Udemy makes a lot of sense. If you can make a longer-term investment, however, you could use this course to increase your standing and attract an audience (most definitely on YouTube). Collect subscribers, email sign-ups, etc, and then when you are ready, sell an upgrade offer to them. This offer could be a full course on Phoenix or LiveView, for example. This is the ideal approach in my opinion, but it defers revenue to the future which may or may not work for you.


I have been creating video courses for a few years.

Youtube doesn’t let you update existing videos, so if you decide to keep them updated you would need to upload new versions and basically start from scratch with your views / comments. Whether or not you unlist your old versions would be up to you.

I personally use Thinkific for hosting the courses but if I were to start from scratch today I would choose Teachable over Thinkific 100% of the time if you wanted to go down the route of hosting your own courses. You can choose to make them free or paid with Teachable.

With that said, I’d probably go the route of releasing the videos on Youtube for free just to gauge interest since it requires the least investment (both time and money). This is also where you can iron out the kinks in your video creation workflow and get the most amount of feedback from real users before you think about introducing a paid course.