OpsMaru - a new Deployment Platform for deploying Elixir / Phoenix apps

We want to present the Elixir / Phoenix community with a new option for deploying Phoenix apps.

Last week we open-sourced our Polar image server. This week we’re showing you example of how to get it deployed on your choice of cloud provider. We currently support AWS and DigitalOcean but we’ll be working to add more, if you post a reply with the cloud provider you’d like to see below we’ll take it into consideration as well. Providers we’re looking to add currently are:

  • Civo
  • Azure
  • GCP

Let us know which you prefer and we’ll make it happen. Our product aims to be cloud-agnosting and normalize the cloud, which means you will get a seamless deployment experience with any cloud provider. You use OpsMaru and it doesn’t matter which cloud your’re on you are free to move between anyone of them you wish.

We also enable multi-tenant deployments so if you want to sell your app to clients and they ask for ‘isolation’ all you have to do is create a new installation point a domain to it and you’re done.

You can setup your own deployment platform easily and quickly with OpsMaru. We also have a libcluster strategy that will allow your app to find and connect to each other seamlessly.

Lastly we’re looking for feedback from the community, feel free to reply to this thread with your candid feedback. We’ll be happy to give free accounts to any member of the Elixir / Phoenix community. Just sign up and DM me your username and I’ll make your account free.


Nice, i looking a cloud to delploy my project

because i am new ,i am not allow to send a pic.let me type word
On the page Login · OpsMaru, the display shows “Connect” and there is a button labeled “Connect”.
When you click this button, the system tells you it’s working, but the display still shows “Connect”.
This is confusing, the button should indicate that the connection has been established.

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