Options to migrate from virtualbox Lubuntu to something that doesn't freeze

Hi everyone,

I am having some problems lately with my virtualbox that freezes every time i use vscode with mix phx.server together.

Options: So i am wondering what options do I have to move away from virtualbox.

Situation: My current OS is windows 10 and i was using the virtualbox on top with Lubuntu.

Also would docker be of any help in this situation?

Any suggestions or experiences are welcomed.

Thanks in advance

your issue is most likely with phoenix_live_reload which uses inotify out of the box - which doesn’t play nice with virtualboxes (long standing bug (in virtualbox) afaik)

so try and config for :fs_poll https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix_live_reload#backends and see if it helps…


Thanks @outlog for the link. After I used the following config:

config :phoenix_live_reload,
  backend: :fs_poll

The freezing has stopped and i can finally use my Lubuntu now.