ElixirLS freezes my dev environment on Lubuntu

Hi everyone,

Today my development environment froze because of the ElixirLS extension that runs continuously in my VSCode on my Lubuntu in a virtualbox machine.

Tried fixing it:
Even after I included the fix for virtulaboxes provided by @outlog here.

Also disabling isn’t a solution because it provides very useful info.

Does someone have a similar problem and a solution to this?

Thanks in advance

So after some trail and error found out that lubuntu isn’t so light as it is presented but bodhi linux is.

So i switched to bodhi linux and sure enough I can work now with my vscode opened google chrome and the rest of the tools i need without a problem.

So if anybody else is having issues give this distro a try.

Instruction for installation:

If you already have an ubuntu installed:

  • Step 1. sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list or sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list or edit this file with any editor with sudo permission

  • Step 2: Add this line to the file preferably on the last line
    deb [trusted=yes] http://packages.bodhilinux.com/bodhi/ bionic b5main

  • Step 3 Save file in nano ctrl+ o then ctrl+x and in vim esc :wq

  • Step 4 Open a terminal and run sudo apt-get update

  • Step 5 After the command from step 4 finish you can run sudo apt-get install bodhi-desktop

  • Step 6 Logout of the current session and select at the login screen Moksha desktop

You are done
Original doc here https://www.bodhilinux.com/w/adding-bodhi-repos-to-ubuntu-18-04/


Thank you to everyone that looked over this topic

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Instead of editing that file, you should prefer to add files to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/.

You should use sudoedit instead, it will use whatever is available in EDITOR.


Cool didn’t know about that.

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