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The best of Rails in Phoenix (part 1)


Guard this with your life… Or authenticating APIs with Guardian (complete with superfluous GIFs)


Deploying Phoenix Applications with Exrm

He describes how to do a live upgrade, which exrm makes as simple as “myapp upgrade 0.0.2” :heart_eyes:


Using Webpack with Phoenix and Elixir


Installing Font Awesome from NPM in Phoenix

It’s easy to add Font Awesome, a free icon webfont, to Phoenix project using nothing but Brunch to do so.

PS: Thank you @AstonJ for posting my first article here and bringing me to the!


I’d recommend against the use of icon fonts. Google around for reasons why. If you like font awesome icons though, you can always use their SVG equivalent.

Icon fonts vs SVG icons

Thanks for the recommendation! I wasn’t aware of how serious the issues of webfont hack are.

I think it would be most useful for the readers of the original blog post if you put this comment directly under it too (there’s a comments section). I’d also be able to pick the subject up there as I don’t want to spam this thread :slight_smile:


Rails asset pipeline vs Phoenix and Brunch

Both Rails and Phoenix can manage and deploy assets for you. But the approaches and solutions differ greatly.


Separate JS & CSS for admin panel in Phoenix

It’s a common need to have separate precompiled assets for admin panel or other heavy pages. Here’s how to do it.


Model callbacks in Phoenix, Ecto and Rails

Can you use model callbacks (after_create et al) in Phoenix just like in Rails? And more importantly, should you?


I wrote a blog post with Ember and Phoenix . I’m still learning

Phoenix Ember Guide

Book Sales / Discounts / Coupons Thread

Observing low latency in Phoenix with wrk by @sasajuric


Composing and mixing Phoenix plugs

Plugs make a serial routing chain, but it’s very easy to mix them arbitrarily. Here’s a cool backdoor example how.


Phoenix vs Rails: Mix and Rake tasks

Mix is an equivalent of Rake for running project tasks. But it’s much more than what you came to expect from Rake.


Front-end packages with Phoenix and Brunch

How to manage front-end assets, including their images or fonts, with a default Phoenix asset management stack?


Insanity with Elixir + Phoenix + PostgreSQL

DISCLAIMER: This is not a “how to build a blog” article. If you do what I’m about to do, people will look at you funny (and probably should).



How to share Rails sessions with Phoenix

A practical guide on how to introduce Phoenix to a Rails ecosystem by letting Rails do the authentication.


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