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Using Phoenix with docker (3 part series)


Oh nice, I might need this for my Master Thesis :smiley:


Phoenix is modular -

…when I first looked at Phoenix, I was myself overwhelmed by the amount of concepts one needs to grasp. But after spending some time with the framework, it started making sense to me, and I began to see the purpose of all these concepts. I quickly became convinced that Phoenix provides reasonable building blocks which should satisfy most typical needs.

Furthermore, I’ve learned that Phoenix is actually quite modular. This is nice because we can trim it down to our own preferences (though in my opinion that’s usually not needed). In fact, it is possible to run a Phoenix powered server without a router, controller, view, and template. In this article I’ll show you how, and then I’ll provide some tips on learning Phoenix. But first, I’ll briefly touch on the relationship between Phoenix and Plug.


Elixir Phoenix Deployment -

In this post, I’m going to explain how to deploy an Elixir Phoenix application on a VPS. We are going to use Elixir Release Manager (Exrm) for generating releases and all the necessary files to deploy our application.


The path to Phoenix: Part 1 - Installing Node.js via nvm -


Using GenEvent to Notify a Channel of Updates in Elixir -


Compare between Rails with cache and Phoenix without cache

Even the article does not describe details of environment of tests and data but its result is very interesting


Nice find @kiennt - I was only just thinking what a pain caching can be - and in Rails we are spoilt because it probably has the best caching system of all the frameworks that can benefit from caching :lol:


New Phoenix Podcast - Phoenix Podcasts


Oh nice find - I didn’t about - will add to the podcasts thread too :slight_smile:


CI With Phoenix and GitLab - Dave Jlong


What makes Phoenix Presence special, and a sneak peek - Chris McCord

Should CRDT's be the core language feature of concurrency oriented programming languages?

I wrote


Phoenix/Elixir App Secured with Let’s Encrypt - Andrew Forward


Elixir and Phoenix: The Future of Web APIs and Apps? -

One of my favourite Phoenix blog posts so far - also added to our Phoenix wiki


Here are a few I’ve wrote:

Complete Guide to Deploying Phoenix Applications using Dokku 0.4.0+

Using LetsEncrypt to Switch a Phoenix App Deployed with Dokku to HTTPS

Validate Ecto Unique Associations with Compound Indexes


I wrote a post on the difference between the web and lib directories in a Phoenix app:


Page specific JavaScript in Phoenix framework (pt.1) - by @bigardone