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Implementing page-specific titles in Phoenix

Every website needs informative, SEO-friendly page titles that change during navigation. Here’s how to have them in Phoenix.


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I have my program split up into a set of Modules, each module has a Router, which is called from the main Router like:

    use MyServer.Routers.MyModule, base_scope: "/mymodule"

And those routers implement behaviours, and they have a set of callbacks such as building a menu drop-down on the top titlebar, setting a page title, etc… It seems very elixir’ish to me and easy to extend (or remove if I need to bulk-remove a module). :slight_smile:

Implementing page-specific titles in Phoenix
Implementing page-specific titles in Phoenix

Is Phoenix deployment really that hard?

How much does the Erlang’s great but unexplored hot code reloading complicate the deployment as we know it?


At DockYard, we transitioned our backend development from Ruby and Rails to Elixir and Phoenix once it became clear that Phoenix better served our clients needs to take on the modern web. As we’ve seen, Phoenix is Not Rails, but we borrow some of their great ideas. We were also delighted to give back in the other direction when Rails announced that Rails 5.0 would be shipping with Action Cable – a feature that takes inspiration from Phoenix Channels.

By @chrismccord


Creating a game lobby system with Phoenix WebSocket


Phoenix vs Rails: Views and helpers

Here’s an overview, case study and comparison to Phoenix of the V part of Rails MVC as experienced across the years.



Bootstrapping API project with Phoenix 1.3

Here’s how to create a minimal Phoenix 1.3 setup for API server without HTML, Brunch, Gettext, channels and sessions.


Found this blog. Find it interesting:


How to use a vue.js component inside your html page:


A blog post describing mix task which is very similar to and based on Phoenix 1.3 installer, but aims to scaffold React/Phoenix-stack based apps.


Setup instructions for commonly used front-end technologies (nowadays):


Choosing Elixir for Shedul’s tomorrow

Here’s the story of complex process of researching, evaluating, choosing and introducing Elixir to cozy yet shrinking world of complex Rails monolith at Shedul - a global salon booking system.

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Elixir is an emerging language and everyone nowadays wants to learn. Here is a small guide to help you setup Elixir with adsf Version Manager.


Mateusz, one of our Elixir developers, wrote a blog post about CSRF tokens in Phoenix:


Hi all!

I wrote a blog post about How I do Outside-In TDD in a Phoenix project, especially how to unit test a controller action with Mox.

If you have any questions about testing, I’d like to answer them. :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone.

Here is a blog post on how to deploy phoenix 1.4 to digital ocean with docker containers.

Hope it helps somebody.