Phoenix deployed with edelivery not starting

I am working with my first Elixir Phoenix app. I am trying to deploy it to production using edelivery. I am using centos and OS and nginx as reverse proxy. The problem is that I am deploying the release on production and starts it. Edelivery says ok response, but no port is bind to phoenix/beam. I have set 8080 port to listen. netstat dosent show 8080 and curl return “Connection refused”. Am I missing something ??

also I am using latest phoenix 1.3rc2

Thank you

Have you set server: true in config :your_app, YourApp.Web.Endpoint?

Also, here’s a pretty good guide on using phoenix with nginx (and let’s encrypt) Using LetsEncrypt with Phoenix (behind Nginx). How to make this more optimal?

You might also want to read through some distillery (which edeliver uses underneath) guides on hexdocs, especially the phoenix parts.

Thank You, that worked.