Phoenix LiveView Course (Pragmatic Studio)

:rocket: Today we opened early access to the Pro Package of our Phoenix LiveView course! So now you can get the course in two flavors…

The Starter Package

Wondering what LiveView is all about? Want to cut through the hype and see real-life examples of what it can do?

The Starter Package is where you should, well, start! We’re offering it as a 100% free community resource with no strings attached. It’s our gift to the community.

You get 18 videos and 25 exercises showing you exactly how to start using LiveView to build rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML.

The Pro Package

Curious what other problems LiveView can help you solve? Considering using it on your project?

The Pro Package picks up where the Starter Package leaves off and gives you more LiveView examples you can slip right into your application.

As of today, with early access you get 18 more videos and 19 more exercises in 5 new, in-depth sections:

  • Extracting Components

  • Testing (8 videos!)

  • Authentication (5 videos)

  • Authenticating LiveViews

  • Triggering Controller Actions

And that’s just the beginning: more pro-level content is on the way!

By purchasing this upgrade at the special early access price, you can dive into the Pro Package today and get a steady diet of new sections until we’ve finished the course.

If just one video or example saves you an hour of time, it’s worth it! We’ve done all the work and research for you. :nerd_face:

Also, by upgrading to the Pro Package you’ll allow us to continue offering the Starter Package as a free community resource. You’ll also help make this a sustainable endeavor for the two of us because, as we all know, LiveView will change. Your support will allow us to offer free updates to this course as necessary. :pray:

Many thanks for your support!


Thanks Mike.

Im about half way through the free offering, and that’s been enough to sell me on the Pro upgrade, plus every other course you have got.

I can highly recommend it - the pitch is just about right for experienced devs that are fresh to Elixir / Phoenix, and the exersizes push you just the right amount.

Its always hard to spend your own money on courses just for you … and in 90% of cases I’d recommend the “just write your own app from scratch, and learn by running into your own walls” … but I would make an exception in this case.

Personal projects + Youtube + forums is usually > paid courseware.

The PragmaticStudio courses are just right, and after doing the free LV course, I can easily see the value in upgrading to Pro and doing the other bundle as well. Its literally going to save you months of self learning the hard way, and set you up with the perfect set of VSCode snippets and libs too.

Looking forward to more courses that might cover :

  • ecto in detail
  • Deep dive through OTP. Would really like to see how to build your own tools to run basic things like top and debugging / tracing / profiling / patching code on production servers.
  • how to run multiple unrelated projects on a single BEAM install (because Im cheap and like to have a small number of cloud instances to run multiple small apps for small customers :slight_smile: )

Hey, thanks a bunch Steve! It’s always our goal to save folks time and headaches when learning new stuff. :smiley:

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Hi @mikeclark !

After all these changes to the LiveView in version 0.16 and 0.17, is there any planning to update examples in your course?

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I’d also like an official answer on this, but note that the code download does include a LiveView 0.16 final version, and the notes that follow each video do explain how to upgrade the just-seen 0.15 code to work with 0.16.

Right now, I would only wholeheartedly recommend the course to those upgrading a 0.15 LiveView app for whom those upgrade instructions have some practical use, since LV 0.17 does seems such a big step forward.


Yes, we plan to release an update to the course in early 2022. It’ll be a free update for everyone who already owns the course.

In the meantime, I think there’s still a ton of value in the course. The majority of the course isn’t affected by the 0.17 changes. And once you know the LiveView fundamentals, migrating from 0.16 to 0.17 isn’t a big deal.


That’s a very good news. Thank you @mikeclark! :slight_smile:


This course is now out of beta and content complete:

Your wait is over - our Phoenix LiveView course is now content-complete and out of early access! :partying_face:

We just released the final batch of 4 new videos which are all about file uploads. That brings the total course to 35 carefully-crafted videos (nearly 6 hours) and 50+ guided exercises to lock in what you learn.

It’s up-to-date with the very latest versions of Phoenix and LiveView. Indeed, this course is as hot and fresh as it gets! :fire:

If you don’t already own it, you can pick up your copy at the special launch price of $129 through April 14th. The price goes up after that, so if you’re looking for a deal now’s your chance.

Just bought my copy!

Don’t forget you can get 25% off with coupon code :023:

Also checkout the Devtalk giveaway where we’re giving away one Pragmatic Studio course every month!


@mikeclark @NicoleClark Are the testing videos from Phoenix LiveView Pro v0.15 still accurate and relevant for the latest version of the course? It’s one of the pieces I’m most interested in, and I was surprised to see testing completely missing in the second edition.

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I believe the testing videos are still relevant, but writing good tests for LiveViews deserves a whole course unto itself. :slight_smile:

And I highly recommend German Velasco’s fantastic Testing LiveView course. He’s currently updating it to use the latest versions of Phoenix and LiveView.


After reading some of the glowing reviews in the Programming Phoenix LiveView Book Club! I was getting a serious bout of FOMO, and since I don’t have the time to dedicate to reading a book atm it’s much easier for me to digest 10 minute videos - so I started going through this course.

While I’ve only completed 8 modules so far I’m loving it! As mentioned by @connected-cjohnston in another thread you don’t actually build an app, but rather each module is focused on teaching you one thing - the sort of things you may well need in your app! You will also need to know the basics of Phoenix and Ecto, as the course is very much focused on LiveView. Well worth a look and well done Mike and Nicole!


Mike and Nicole Clark have once again impressed us by swiftly updating the Phoenix LiveView course for LiveView version 1.0. If you already own the course, the update is free.

Link: Pragmatic Studio - Phoenix LiveView