Phoenix LiveView 'StripCode' app created by YouTuber Ben Awad

Ben Awad posted a youtube video about a project he created with Phoenix LiveView:


Just don’t get why he is using a 10 seconds cache for the Leader-board?

Once he is a newbie to Elixir, maybe he thinks that Elixir cannot handle the load :wink:

By the end he says that is not returning to Elixir any soon because of a nitpick with the Language Server, and this may be hurting more the Elixir adoption then we may think?


Someone mentioned in the comments that his gripe could be solved by using structs. That way you get autocomplete.


Nice find Sadjow!

We posted a thread on Devtalk last year about YouTuber devs in which he’s top of the list :003:

I like Ben, he’s posted some brilliant videos about TypeScript and Svelte - I hope he doesn’t give up on Elixir and revisits it at some point…