Phoenix Phrenzy winners!

The results are in! Check out the winning LiveView demos and all the other awesome entries at :tada:


By the way, we had to reject a few entries which were otherwise good but had code written well before the contest. I think in hindsight, I’d rather we didn’t have a rule about when the code was written, but we didn’t want those who followed the rules to feel they were put at a disadvantage.

That said, if your entry was rejected for voting purposes, please feel free to link it here so that people can still admire your work. Also, if your entry was included in voting and you make a major update you want to show off, post it here anytime!


Awesome!! Can’t wait to check them out, congrats to the winners :023:

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Love the Live Chess!

How people tried to crash their planes?

I definitely tried to crash mine. :smiley:

Let it crash…
Very impressive results. Awesome

Congratulations to all the entries, there’s some amazing creativity and craft in these examples. Very inspiring.

I tried to crash my plane! I couldn’t get below 10m of altitude.