Phoenix upcoming 1.6 release

So, most people feel the release is 1 month away. I voted for <1 week. Let us wait for the actual results.

My bet is on the Elixirconf EU

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Now I don’t know whether I should delay starting a new project I intended to implement with Phoenix, use master branch, or start with 1.5.x :slight_smile:

Any advice from the Phoenix team on the account of how difficult will the upgrade path be?


Hi @yrashk! :wave:

It doesn’t matter much because those changes only apply to the generated application. You can migrate your application at any time, before v1.6 or after. The release notes may contain such steps and projects like PhoenixDiff are very helpful here too.

In the case of esbuild, I already have a sample commit here: Use esbuild · josevalim/phx_esbuild_demo@0546034 · GitHub

If you have experience with node/npm/webpack though, I would just stick with v1.5, as you will likely be able to navigate any pain points.


I usually start my day with yarn outdated && yarn upgrade --all in the asset dir. :slight_smile:

Will it be possible with esbuild?


Hey @josevalim, long time no see!

Thanks! I do have quite a bit of experience with webpack — but I can’t say I love it. All that matters to me is a clear upgrade path once 1.6 is out :slight_smile:

Thanks for your pointers.

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Sweet! I always wished there was a tool like this.

Here’s a working link (the scheme was missing): PhoenixDiff.


Just want to throw out as well for generating diffs

this one lets you customize flags. I updated it to allow for the new flags --database=sqlite3, --no-assets, and --no-mailer for when 1.6 lands. Whenever phx_new 1.6 is published to hex, the tool should start seeing it within 24hrs; in the meantime you can diff against “master” (though keep in mind diffing against master will take a bit longer).


So, 22% including me got it wrong. It is 10 days. Another 22% people choice will be assessed this week. Let us see. :slight_smile:

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We started a new project of off master to get 1.6.0-dev benefits of esbuild. Great improvement btw, the app launches so quickly and with no ceremony. I love it!

When 1.6.0 is launched, will we be able to “upgrade” it to use the launched version?


Is there an upgrade path from projects generated with dev versions of Phoenix to RC or final versions?

How to use css framework like BS5 or TW?

I wrote a guide on how to use Tailwind with Phoenix 1.6 here: Phoenix 1.6.0 LiveView + esbuild + Tailwind JIT + AlpineJS - A brief tutorial.


I’d like to give that a try, but I’m struggling with heex. Are there any resources about that topic already?

Go through GitHub - livebook-dev/livebook: Interactive and collaborative code notebooks for Elixir - made with Ph
It contains many types of components that are written using heex syntax. I had some trouble with form, form fields etc. - but - the repo contains examples of all kinds.

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Well, 44% missed the estimate. In another 2 days time, all the 3 options would be wrong. When the poll conductor does not give the right option, he has to take the entire blame. :slight_smile:
The poll is relevant for me because, it is my reflection on the estimate for the remaining work and possible time judgement.
Through out the time span, there were regular updates to the repository - and - still some issues are pending. Just goes on to show, how difficult it is to manage open source software - an active repository at that.
Thanks @josevalim, @chrismccord and all other active contributors. It needs a lot of discipline and clear headedness to maintain such big repositories.

My bet is @egze is right…

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So am I understanding correctly that you still need node and npm to use tailwind?

I think every day now: Error in installing webpack · Issue #4403 · phoenixframework/phoenix · GitHub


Oh, the sooner the better :slight_smile: