Phoenix upcoming 1.6 release

About 3 hours ago on the Elixir Slack (Slack) Chris said

Very soon. I’ve been visiting family, otherwise it would be out by now :slight_smile:


Chris u wyldin’ :smiley: very excited about the launch!

And that ladies and gentlemen is straight up having priorities right :slight_smile:

I once had them twisted, never had benefits for anyone.

Edit: okey once when a server crashed. Had to SSH from my phone while being in the woods. That one had benefit for the users.


The tailwindcss keeps running after you terminate phoenix. I cloned your repo, ran iex -S mix phx.server and twice ctrl-c, checked with ps.

You have to run tailwindcss bin through Port — Elixir v1.12.2

I did with a JS script I found and adapted.

I made for running mix as a webapp. It’s running v1.6.0-dev.



v1.6.0-rc.0 now

Yes (unless you’re OK with the CDN version, but that’s most likely not a good idea). Tailwind is built on top of postcss which needs Node. But if esbuild makes big enough of a splash, there’s hope for more tools outside of the Node land.

With just Tailwind installed, my node_modules is around 130 dirs, which is… not bad at all!

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and mine is … gone :grin:

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Sergio, I followed your article and got

No matching export in "node_modules/alpinejs/dist/module.esm.js" for import "Alpine"

on phx.server start. I poked my head in the associated Github repo and saw that in app.css you inserted

import Alpine from "alpinejs"

instead of

import { Alpine } from "alpinejs"

like the article said. I am not sure of the difference, but the top one does not generate the error. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the writeup, it was very helpful.

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I just checked and both my article and github repo have import Alpine from "alpinejs" because the official docs say to do it that way. strange you saw different maybe an old tab you had open with an old published version somehow?

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I reloaded your article and you are correct, it does say import Alpine from "alpinejs". Sorry for the confusion, maybe I was looking at other articles that were talking about getting Alpine working and just got them mixed up in my head.

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Thanks for clarifying, that is what I thought but haven’t been entirely sure on this stuff.

You mention CDN is not a good idea, isn’t the new Rails 7 system based on using CDNs? Is there a reason this is bad? My memory of the old days was all CDNs

Just a heads up latest tailwind no longer needs the wrapper!

You probably figured it out, but for others, start here: Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers — Phoenix LiveView v0.16.1

Also note you don’t have to convert to .heex right now, so feel free to take it easy.

I believe he refers to the CDN version of Tailwind specifically, which I believe includes all classes and it is often too large. So you definitely want Tailwind to be tailored to your needs. Other than that, using CDN is :+1:!

PS: I will close this thread so we unify all of those useful updates tips and feedback in one place. But I enjoyed the waiting period and seeing people excited about the release here. :slight_smile: Here is the 1.6.0-rc announcement: Phoenix 1.6.0-rc.0 released!