Please mention some best resources to learn Elixir

and what resources you used to learn Elixir?

Have you seen our #learning-resources:books and #learning-resources:courses sections and #learning-resources:screencasts? There are some amazing resources listed there. You can also see reviews by members too :003:

This is also a good section worth browsing as lots of similar questions have been asked previously - take a look here #learning-resources:learning-questions

Aside from that, if you could give us more details about your level of experience, what kind of apps you want to develop etc, we might be able to point out something more specific for you :smiley:


Aside from all the great resources that AstonJ provided, I’d say start coding.

I’ve been coding for 20 years and I’ve never really learned any technology from reading beforehand. Just start coding, reading docs when you get stuck, and ask questions.


My main purpose to learn elixir is to build a web chat app,is there any resources particular to that?
and thanks for the links

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A best tip,thanks sir…good luck

Look at the channels doc page for phoenix, it has a chat app as an example.

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I didn’t watch these personaly, but could be useful for your needs.

3 Likes has some good short videos that may help.

Learn Elixir

We run a mentorship program/online course for Elixir if you’re open to the idea?

yes, sure

Hey! You may want to take a look at the blog post we wrote on this topic :slight_smile: Top Elixir Learning Media & Resources

There are a lot of good answers here already, but if you are interested, here are my favourite resources.

1- “Elixir in Action, Second Edition” - it’s an amazing book, teaches almost everything you have to know in Elixir
2- Elixir School
3- Elixir documentation
4- Programming Phoenix 1.4
5- Programming Phoenix LiveView

I mostly read books and articles to learn stuff, but you can also watch channels like Alchemist Camp on YouTube. :slightly_smiling_face: