Podcast: ThinkingElixir 100 - 10 Years of Elixir with José Valim

The 100th episode of Thinking Elixir is spent with José Valim celebrating 10 years of Elixir. We close out our 5-part series talking about the recent 1.13 release, the upcoming 1.14 release and looking into the future and v2.0. We learn that many features were created with Nx in mind but are still broadly helpful to Elixir developers. José gives a 1-minute explanation of how ex_unit works, explains what usually makes it into a point release, and how adding stepped ranges meant changes to many Enum functions and so much more! In addition to Elixir, we talk about his journey with Dashbit and we end up learning how the song “The Final Countdown” by Europe might actually be teaching functional programming and recursion?? A super packed episode!


Happy Birthday Elixir :partying_face:

Congrats to José and well done everyone who has helped make it what it is :041: