Podcast: ThinkingElixir 109 - Digitally Processing Signals with NxSignal

In episode 109 of Thinking Elixir, we talk about a new library in the Nx ecosystem under active development called NxSignal by Paulo Valente. We talk with Paulo to learn what a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is, how it works, and touch on the kinds of problems it can solve. We learn about his involvement in Nx, where the library is going, and some unusual ways he’s applied it. He also shares how he’s using Nx Explorer on production to clean up and process financial data returned in a JSON API and much more!


NxSignal sounds really cool! I never thought we’d see a DSP in Elixir :003:

Also congrats - if you search for elixir podcast in Google now you are returned as the first result :023:

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