Pow session path not working

i tried to register with pow route its working but when i am trying to sign out with pow session with method delete its not working and complaining

no route found for GET /session (QazalbashWeb.Router)

with the pow and session these are only available routes

pow_session_path  GET     /session/new                             Pow.Phoenix.SessionController :new
pow_session_path  POST    /session                                 Pow.Phoenix.SessionController :create
pow_session_path  DELETE  /session                                 Pow.Phoenix.SessionController :delete

What i am doing on the front-end is this, Register is working fine but not sign out

<%= link "Sign Out", to: Routes.pow_session_path(@conn, :delete), method: :delete  %>
<%= link "Register", to: Routes.pow_registration_path(@conn, :new) %>

It’s not complaining about the sign out, but rather about where you are redirecting after it.

How does your after_sign_out_path look like?

there is no after sign out path its a library + fresh installation of the project it will redirect it to the homepage after sign out, but i checked the session its not signed out user is still sign in

What does your router.ex look like?

I’m having the same issue, except the behavior isn’t always the same. Sometimes it redirects to /, sometimes to /session/new, and sometimes to /session. When it redirects to /session the error appears and signing out fails. In other redirections signing out succeeds.

My router.ex (I’d like to take this opportunity to ask if there’s anything I can improve on this file :smiley: ):

defmodule MyAppWeb.Router do
  use MyAppWeb, :router
  use Pow.Phoenix.Router
  use Pow.Extension.Phoenix.Router,
    extensions: [PowPersistentSession]

  pipeline :browser do
    plug :accepts, ["html"]
    plug :fetch_session
    plug :fetch_live_flash
    plug :protect_from_forgery
    plug :put_secure_browser_headers

  pipeline :protected do
    plug Pow.Plug.RequireAuthenticated,
      error_handler: Pow.Phoenix.PlugErrorHandler

  pipe_through :browser
  get "/", MyAppWeb.PageController, :index

  scope "/" do

  scope "/", as: "pow" do
    pipe_through :protected
    # https://github.com/danschultzer/pow/blob/master/guides/disable_registration.md
    resources "/registration", Pow.Phoenix.RegistrationController, only: [:edit, :update],
                               singleton: true

  scope "/" do
    pipe_through :protected
    resources "/articles", MyAppWeb.ArticleController, param: "slug", except: [:index, :show]
    resources "/categories", MyAppWeb.CategoryController

  scope "/" do
    resources "/articles", MyAppWeb.ArticleController, param: "slug", only: [:index, :show]


Make sure that you got import "phoenix_html" in your JS, and restart the server if necessary. This is just a default Phoenix HTML anchor link, and will work as long as the JS is enabled and priv/static/phoenix_html.js has been loaded into your build tools.

Hmm, how do I know if that is the case? I just checked and I do have import "phoenix_html" in my app.js (which is loaded in my layout template file), as well as "dependencies": { "phoenix": "file:../deps/phoenix", "phoenix_html": "file:../deps/phoenix_html" } in my package.json, but I don’t see phoenix_html.js in my priv/static.

Edit: Oh, if you mean deps/phoenix_html/priv/static/phoenix_html.js, then yes, it was already there.

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