Programming Elixir (Pragprog)

Not many programmers here but I’ll tell the few that are (though they mostly do java and such ^.^). :slight_smile:

Also At this very moment teams of pragmatic gerbils are limbering up to deliver your titles. Lol. ^.^

Now if only my new .edu account could be linked to my real account. ^.^;

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Elixir Starter Pack? What is that?

Two Years ago there was a 40% discount for buying Programming Elixir/Programming Phoenix/Metaprogramming Elixir together. These days just use code ‘ElixirForum’ to get 35% off any eBooks from

Other than that watch and for the next 40% off sale (last year for example there was a “Christmas in July” sale).

Will send an email later today :slight_smile: Thank you!

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I sent the email and will let you know if I can gather any interest :slight_smile: also you might be interested in the Humble Bundle book bundle related to devOps. Currently checking it out myself :slight_smile: Book Bundle

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It’s a shame that only a few selected countries(domains) can get the free ebooks and the others cannot.

The country field in you profile says you are in the US - educational domains in the US are part of the offer :023:

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I am from the US, but I am studying out of the US at the moment and cannot get it.

Might be worth you contacting PragProg and seeing whether they can support addition domains - I think they already added quite a few following feedback :023:

Ah, forget it. Thanks anyway :+1:

Answers to the exercises in the book are no longer available via the ebook links, but are available here instead:


in the book in page 64 there is an alias is defined as

alias Ruble.Accounts.User

where is the alias?

  1. I think you are referring to Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4
  2. I think you are referring to this which is the user controller module RumblWeb.UserController.
  3. The Rumbl.Accounts.User module is shown on page 58 (of B10.0) as this.
  4. The alias makes it possible to use %User{} instead of %Rumbl.Accounts.User{}.

… though maybe I’m not understanding your question.

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Took part in the yearly Secret Santa on
Guess what arrived in the mail today :slightly_smiling_face: