Programming Elixir (Pragprog)



Not many programmers here but I’ll tell the few that are (though they mostly do java and such ^.^). :slight_smile:

Also At this very moment teams of pragmatic gerbils are limbering up to deliver your titles. Lol. ^.^

Now if only my new .edu account could be linked to my real account. ^.^;


Elixir Starter Pack? What is that?


Two Years ago there was a 40% discount for buying Programming Elixir/Programming Phoenix/Metaprogramming Elixir together. These days just use code ‘ElixirForum’ to get 35% off any eBooks from

Other than that watch and for the next 40% off sale (last year for example there was a “Christmas in July” sale).


Will send an email later today :slight_smile: Thank you!


I sent the email and will let you know if I can gather any interest :slight_smile: also you might be interested in the Humble Bundle book bundle related to devOps. Currently checking it out myself :slight_smile: Book Bundle


It’s a shame that only a few selected countries(domains) can get the free ebooks and the others cannot.


The country field in you profile says you are in the US - educational domains in the US are part of the offer :023:


I am from the US, but I am studying out of the US at the moment and cannot get it.


Might be worth you contacting PragProg and seeing whether they can support addition domains - I think they already added quite a few following feedback :023:


Ah, forget it. Thanks anyway :+1:


Answers to the exercises in the book are no longer available via the ebook links, but are available here instead: