Programming Phoenix (Pragprog)



Another nice update!


I love the intro “Don’t accept the compromise between fast and beautiful: you can have it all.”


Hi @chrismccord would you please add a chapter on Phoenix LiveView to the book Programming Phoenix 1.4?
If you make it the last chapter and convert all the JavaScript used in Rumbl into the Phoenix LiveView(s), that will make much sense.
Rumbl will already be completed, so if someone don’t wanna use LiveView, s/he will already be done, but if someone want to use LiveView s/he will read the last chapter too.
Or you can also release a separate booklet on Phoenix LiveView, doing the same (rewriting all the JavaScript used in Rumbl, to LiveView)

Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4 - release date? (Update: beta out now!)

I agree that having a chapter on LiveView would be spectacular :003:

I think LiveView is going to be one of Phoenix’s killer features, and it being covered in the de-facto Phoenix book would be awesome (even if to begin with it is just enough to get people productive with it).


LiveView definitely won’t make it into the book given we are shipping the final three chapters and sending it off to production hopefully before end of year, which will be prior to a LiveView 1.0 for sure. Fortunately though, we have a great doc system with elixir and hexdocs so there will be plenty of docs/guides as we get underway.


What if you write a booklet (e.g., a small 10 to 20 pages booklet) and rewrite the JavaScript part of Rumbl in LiveView, and release it from the Pragmatic Bookshelf? I’ll happily buy it.

And thank you for creating Phoenix and now LiveView!


I’ve just tried to submit the following via PragProg’s errata page but it seems to be down… if anyone succeeds in submitting anything please also submit this (or please let us know when their system is back up)

Page 49 on the PDF version:

The view modules infer their template locations from the view module name. In our example, our Rumbl.UserView would look for templates in the web/templates/user/ directory.


Rumbl.UserView to RumblWeb.UserView

web/templates/user/ to rumbl_web/templates/user/


B5 is out now.

Changes in This Release

  • We added a new chapter: Chapter 11, OTP. It’s the most heavily revised chapter yet with changes to the dynamic supervision and new child specs added in Elixir 1.5.
  • We addressed another big chunk of of the technical errors. It seems you’ve been busy too! Thanks for all of your help and keep them coming.
  • We know we still owe you a treatment of channel presence; that will come in about a month or so.