Programming Phoenix (Pragprog)

What typically happens is that you get issued a coupon to buy the physical book at a discount.

For example when “Programming Ecto” went to print a coupon was issued (to the account) for purchasing the paper book for $14.95 (instead of $37.95).

Thank you for the tips

It was actually a $14.95 discount, so the book was $23.

Thank you for the correction - yes it is “Save $14.95”.

In the case of “Programming Ecto” is was issued 2019-04-09 and expires 2020-04-11.

FYI: Last couple of years they had a “Christmas in July” 40% off sale for ebooks, screencasts, and audio books.

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B9 is now out :023:

Content-complete and heading to copy edit and indexing.


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