PSPDFKit is hiring Full Stack Engineers (Vienna/Remote, Full-time)

Introductory paragraph

We’re looking to hire a full stack engineer to join our team working on PSPDFKit for Web. We are building a modern PDF SDK with technologies like Elixir, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, and WebAssembly.

About us

My name: Philipp Spiess
My position: Lead Software Engineer PSPDFKit for Web
Company name: PSPDFKit
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We use Elixir in our server component that powers PSPDFKit for Web.

About the job

Job title: Software Engineer
Job description: Full Stack Software Engineer
Position on remote work: We fully embrace remote work and have a highly distributed team. We also have two company events planned throughout every year.
Qualifications or experience required: Familiarity with Elixir and JavaScript (we’re using Flow type annotations) as well as their ecosystems of tools and packages.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: PSPDFKit for Web and PSPDFKit Instant as well as some open source projects, for example bypass.

About the interview process

  1. Online Questionnaire
  2. Kick-Off Meeting with the team lead (me)
  3. Short live coding challenge with team members
  4. Call with CEO
  5. Call with COO - Offer extended

You can learn more here:

Your Day at PSPDFKit

Your day at PSPDFKit starts with an asynchronous today message in our team’s Slack channel, where you outline your goals for the day so that everyone on the team knows what everyone else is working on. All our regular company meetings occur on the same day each week, so most of the time you’ll be able to focus on your assigned tasks without interruptions. You’ll work on both adding features to our Elixir and React applications and improving the stability of our existing applications together with our customers. We strongly believe in code quality over quantity, which is why new changes undergo a proposal phase where everyone on the team is invited to collaborate. We write unit, integration, and end-to-end tests and do peer reviews for every change.

Beyond working on features and bug fixes, we also take time to help you improve upon your personal goals (through regular 1on1s and mentoring). Our remote-first focus allows you to set up working hours that best fit your daily routine. You can read more about our onboarding period here.

Learn more about the role from our job posting.


You should hire me. I’m highly recommended… by me. :joy:

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I can attest to his recommendations in the fact that I’ve only ever read one, but it was factual and to the point. 10/10 would read again.

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