Push notification to IOS and Android

Which is the best method to use for push notification in phoenix app (For both IOS and Android device). And in backend i need to save those notifications.

Some PaaS also provide this feature as a service.

Can i push notification to unlimited users at a time using this technology?? There is something called Topic in FCM through which we can push notification to unlimited users at a time for those who all subscribed to that topic. But in codedge-llc/pigeon i am not finding anything regarding topics.

There are also some other options.

But for both Android and IOS there is only one way that is codedge-IIc/pigeon

Maybe it is too late now and you have already found a solution. But I will post anyhow for future users.

Using MQTT brokers like VerneMQ, Mosquitto, EMQTT you can send and receive push data to and from any server to a client and vice versa. MQTT brokers have topics which allow you to get really specific with whom to send notifications. And all this happens in real-time, and in battery friendly way. In case of poor connection or ungraceful network disconnection the messages are retained which are automagically resent to correct user when they come back online.

As a very simple setup, you can pick up one MQTT broker(say VerneMQ or any other) and use Eclipse Paho Android Service in your Android app and get started with sending push notifications, messages or data in any form.


I’ll take a look at adding topic pushes in the pigeon v1.2.0 release. I haven’t needed them for anything in production thus far, though I don’t think they would be terribly hard to implement.