Recommended example Phoenix apps?

Can you recommend any recent example Phoenix app which makes use of model associations? Unfortunately all the example apps I could google up no longer compile due to obsolete dependencies.

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Check out the hex_web app


There are some listed in our wiki:

(If you find anymore, please add them :023:)

Many thanks! That’s a lot to study. I will take a look at them. But I think a truly minimal example would be useful as well, especially for the newbies.

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Have you got any of the Elixir the books? They really are incredibly well written - we are very lucky to have such fantastic learning material :003:

Here is a trick I use to discover more use examples of various functions.

Let’s say you need to learn how people use build_assoc. You go to and search for build_assoc(

In the results page, on the left hand select “Code” and then select elixir. It will return plenty of code. Mostly phoenix apps.

This might be common sense but I recently discovered it and it helped me tremendously.


Perhaps this one deserves to be listed in the wiki as well

Besides the already mentioned Changelog app I like too peek at