Recommended learning resources

Hello everyone,

I’m starting to learn Elixir and i have been searching here your recommendation for learning Elixir.

I came across the books Programming Elixir -> Elixir in Action -> Programming Phoenix -> Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix.

Is that a good order to read the books?

Before Programming Elixir, is watching Dave Thomas’s course a good decision or can i go straight to the book? Is there a discount for his course? (here in Brazil 1 dollar equals 4 of our currency)

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Vitor :023:

Here’s a post I made in a similar thread recently which is similar to what you have chosen:

I would do Dave’s course after his book and EIA :slight_smile:

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Although I searched about the books, I didn’t come across as your post.

Do you have a specific reason for taking the course after the books?

Hay Victor, Actually, I am a content writer and working for Reviewsed, I am also trying to learn Elixir from this forum so I can write about Elixir in my articles. Let see how much I will learn.

Looks like I’m late to the party but if you get tired of books we have some resources available as well:

Hi! Our CTO created a great list of Elixir media & learning resources, you may find it interesting for you!