Recommended reading for writing an Elixir master degree?


Hello, I’m new in whole elixir world and I’m going to write a master degree about High user traffic in webapps. Basicaly its going to be comparison rails server way to elixir/phoenix way.
I would be very pleased if you could recommend me some stuff to read about. For now I found a cowboy documentation, and I know that its spawning process for each request. But its way not enough of knowledge and materials. What should I read and where to look for informations ?


I think you can go trough this topic, there’s a lot resources about elixir


Also look at:


This is a good one too


Thank you very much ! This is very helpful for writing app.

Could you point me a way to find materials about processing request in phoenix ?
I think its erlangs vm job, right ?


Talking about IOlists, this one is also very insightful:


Phoenix builds on the Elixir lib Plug, which uses the cowboy webserver, which is written in Erlang. (in theory, Plug is webserver-agnostic but so far there is only one adapter, which is for cowboy, which has become the de-facto webserver for Erlang/Elixir-based projects).

Cowboy is well-documented, its user guide is found here, including a section on its internals. For the webserver, Cowboy itself uses Ranch, a TCP socket acceptor pool which (iirc) does the actual job of spawning one process per connection. It has a user guide as well.

Another Erlang-based webserver is Elli, which I think people also have written Plug adapters for, but Elli is more barebone than Cowboy and not as well-maintained.


“Runtime scheduling: theory and reality” by Eben Freeman: