Recommended resources for learning & using Tailwind to build Phoenix app front ends?

What approach & resources would be recommended for someone learning how to design the front end for phoenix apps using tailwind? I have a lot of programming experience but very little web experience, and I assume there are plenty of other developers in that situation that are looking for the fastest path to getting a web application / small interactive site up and running. Based upon the new 1.7 release of phoenix, it seems like Tailwind is the recommended or at least included CSS framework, and based upon the praise Tailwind gets in other places, it seems like a good decision.

What is the quickest way to get up to speed and build a front end with a simple design for someone who has become comfortable with Elixir, Pheonix, Ecto, etc but whose knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc is minimal? Specifically I’m talking about things like building nav menus, forms, tables to display data, and other types of dashboard pages and components. Thanks for the help!

I’d recommend using something like which gives you simple prebuilt components which you can then customise using plain Tailwind.


We should be running a Tailwind book club soon if you (or anyone else!) is interested:

If you’re interested let me know as soon as you can as we have limited spaces!