Remote contract for Absinthe API

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to hire a fairly experienced Elixir developer to help us out developing our Absinthe API. I’ve been hiring on Upwork and had some successes and some failures.

Ultimately I’d like to hire someone who can be a long term partner for our company. Attitude counts for a lot, and a healthy curiosity and willing to learn are things I really appreciate in people we work with.

Not too bothered on timezones or when the work gets done, but I’d need approximately 20 hours a week and since I’m self funding this project I can’t offer what the big companies can. Although as much as possible I’ll try to be competitive and fair.

If you’d like to have a play on the current environment (it’s only on Redux and not wired into GraphQL just yet) you can go to and log in with any credentials. Use and test as password if you’re struggling.

Looking forward to chatting to everyone in what looks like an amazing community.



Hey everyone, thanks for the responses.

I have found a developer on this forum and he has started working. Thanks for all those that responded, but luckily for me this is a great community and I found someone so quick.


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