Kudoo enters Elixir |> open_source with full power!

Déjà vu?

You probably remember similar topic: Makestry LTD enters Elixir |> open_source! and as you may know there was no progress, so you could think like: “So what’s the difference?” … Firstly we already have 1.0.0-rc.0 version of our library (just released), so as you can see we have progres, real progress.

You probably want to ask what’s happened with Makestry then. Well … I’m still in it, but like a ghost. Still in contact, still a member in linkedin, but nothing more. It’s confusing for me too, so don’t worry. :smiley:

Of course I can’t share too much details, but I also want to be fair. In short we had plans, we had talks - one after another (funniest is that all finished successful). At end priorities were changed, another project was started and other language is used instead of Elixir.

Kudoo && Menshen

Firstly I would say: “Thank you!”, because we have awesome forum in which I have found this job offer Remote contract for Absinthe API, so really thanks for all people that work on it!

Anyway let’s talk about Kudoo. It’s much more interesting. Backend code name is Menshen and of course it uses Elixir and Absinthe. We found that it will be helpful for us and community to share some parts of our code which will help us focusing on core features. Our MVP date is set to 1st May.

Invoicex - a good start

Menshen requires to implement invoice support before MVP is out. I have created a library called invoicex. It’s currently in version 1.0.0-rc.0 and we are waiting for your comments! We already have plans for it, but they need to wait, because deadline is more important now. I will describe what we have and what we want to add later in separate topic. For now we don’t have enough documentation, but it will change in future (sorry for this). :slight_smile:

Plans for future

Of course you will not found here what we plan in our core code, but I have good news for Elixir community! We already have a plans for next libraries we would like to share. I will make a complete rework on ex_api library and I will share more info for it, so you will find why it’s important for me. Next library will be using it. We plan to create payment library, but much more different and powerful than others (details later).

More info

I will share more official info here after MVP will be done. Hope you find our projects and libraries useful.