Searching for an elixir job opportunity

my name is Daniel, I have been developing in elixir for 5+ years.

You can read more about my experience and skill-set in my resume or in one of my older posts, however to differentiate myself from others, I worked with more exotic technologies from OTP like ftp/sftp server/clients, diameter compiler/client, asn.1 (even helped to create a custom asn.1 specification of the protocol using elixir and metaprogramming).

I have no problems working remotely, I am located in Moldova, and already have everything set to work as B2B. Traveling to meet with the team is no problem for me, relocation is not an option for now.

I have worked with multiple languages and technologies in production like: kotlin(android), c(embedded), python, c#, golang and I’m not afraid of adding a new one to the set.

Helpful links:

If you have any questions/offers feel free to contact me!


Unfortunately, ‘Elixir jobs’ is a very narrow, scarce, poor market. You had a much better chance if you were living in Western Europe (Germany, UK, Holland) or America (US, Canada).

Otherwise I fully empathize with you… I’ve been there. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Hey @D4no0, has a couple of open positions: Jobs at Remote