Similar functionality to BBCode for Elixir/Phoenix

I’m working on a forum system using Elixir and Phoenix, so I was wondering if there’s anything with a similar functionality to BBCode for Phoenix, so users can format their text, and it shows as formatted text when loaded from the DB. Or would I have to manually create a parser for that?

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You can use any of the light markup languages (LML) out there, for example Markdown (CommonMark) which is used on this forum.

Libraries for you:

  • Eamark - pure Elixir Markdown parser
  • Cmark - NIF for CommonMark implementation in C
  • Pandex - thin wrapper over Pandoc executable that can convert from almost anything to almost anything

That is what is available for now. You can write your own though.


Sweet, i’ll check them out, thanks a lot!

Also check out Announcing Firestorm - Forum built with Phoenix perhaps you could join forces or help out there? :003: