Snoop Dogg invests £2bn in Klarna which uses Erlang

£2bn is $2,576,590,000 USD!

Is the £2 billion figure correct tho? I had no idea rappers were making that kind of money :043:

Maybe we should ping Snoop and ask him to invest in our startups :lol: (I’m sure he’d be impressed with Erlang the Movie Sequel!)


Haha, it’s got to be a typo. I’m sure it’s £2 million. Several sites (who knows how accurate they are) estimate his net worth at ~$140 million which seems like it would be close compared to other rappers. He never was involved in a company sold to Apple like Dr Dre which puts him much closer to the billionaire category.


Yeah £2m sounds about right to me too, but then Dre sold Beats for $1B and Snoop has been around a long time - so who knows :lol:

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Just to clarify, around 2bn is the valuation of the company. How much Snoop Dogg has invested has not been disclosed. :slight_smile:


He invested only one dollar, but it was the smoothest dollar in existence.


Snoop does basically anything that will pay him a dollar(look at his collab history). I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t give them a dollar but they offered him 2m in equity to be a spokesman.


It certainly seems to have worked, either that or the £2bn figure :lol:

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Definitely, 2m to make a video for a foreign bank and have your social team post about it a few times isn’t a bad day and I think its great when artists can get a paycheque.

But back to the original figure, I think only Dre and (probably this year Jay-z) are in the billion dollar club at the moment.