Erlang The Movie

Erlang: The Awesome Movie

Erlang The Movie II: The Sequel

(OTP = Outlaw Techno Psychobitch :))

Lmao @ the sequel :043:


Hello Joe


OMG! Just found this video and wanted to share with you, but found it was already here. Anyways, for the newcomers: it’s a piece of jewerly! WATCH IT! I cried, and it was not by laughing about the antiquate video!

Thank you @rvirding, Joe Armstrong and Mike Williams for your contribution for the world!


I meant the first one, of course. :lol:


This has better conferencing support than Skype…


Hahaha. Skype is a joke close to erlang. :lol:

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I really like the second one and the psychobitch. :grinning:


The full movie, the one linked above is highly truncated:


Yes, I don’t know who made shortened one. The longer original “director’s cut” is much better.

If you notice Joe and Mike just sit there talking while I fix the bug. Our demo fix was real and not a fake.

EDIT: And I do love the Sequel, the Psychobitch.


I find it amusing that you seem to find it necessary to say that the demo was not fake ahaha :smiley:

It’s as if future generations would just come here and dismiss the video (and the Erlang programming language) as some kind of poorly recorded propaganda to further Ericsson’s agenda.

Actually, there could be entire conspiracy theories based on this video. The video is actually a piece of US disinformation (fake news!). Proof:

  • “Ericsson is supposed to be a Swedish company, but… that Mike guy has a perfect British accent! So does Joe… I mean, Robert doesn’t speak much, but, hey, his English is just too good… they even act as if they were in a Monty Python sketch… Fake! Only the first guy is Swedish, probably”

  • “How do we know the call was still on? There were dozens of camera cuts! It’s not the same call! Wake up, sheeple! Single cut or it didn’t happen”

  • “Telephony applications in a dynamic symbolic language? Everyone knows that all telephone applications in the world were developped at
    Bell labs using C, to be close to the metal. No, actually assembler. No, binary… The closer the better!”

  • “Live reloading of code without the system going down? So, so fake. Everyone knows you need like a gazillion servers and rolling deploys. And at the time this video is supposed to have been recorded, DevOps hadn’t even been invented yet. Faaaaaake!”

  • “Emacs?! That was the so-called text editor of the (mythical?) bearded LISP commie hackers! Why would that thing even appear in a video by a Swedish company? Super Fake!”

Really, it writes itself…

#erlangtruther #erlangate


Some history …

I just watched it again and love it too :044:

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My mind just blown right now!!! I’m pretty sure it’s John Cleese playing Joe Armstrong right there!! :lol:

LISP is the only thing I miss about emacs nowadays. :icon_sad:

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I hope I’m not going to hell for this, but

Hello, Joe…

(@joeerl, @rvirding - Sorry, too good to let it pass :joy:)


We have Erlang The Movie and The Erlang Song. Maybe next we can get a live theatrical performance, maybe an opera or a musical?


An opera is too complex, and doesn’t showcase the uniqueness of the BEAM. I’d write a 4-6 part fugue in which each instrument goes its own way, amd the voices only meet at some critical points. Otherwise it’s all async and in parallel, with each performer doing their own thing. More interesting would be to have some crazy polyrhythmic jazz improv fugue in which the instruments are out of sync most of the time and communicate with each other theough audio or visial cues to get in sync again (i.e. Message passing parallelism). That would be pretty cool.

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Hello tmbb :grinning:

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The song is really good. We are thinking of a snapsvisa as well.


Hello Robert. Managed to fix a bug?


I always manage to fix the bugs. :grinning: Btw your name so I can do a better “hello …”.