Sqlite_ecto2 new maintainer

In this post, Eric Scouten and I noted that i would be helping out maintain sqlite_ecto2. It’s pretty well known that I have a soft spot in my heart for sqlite, and this project is pretty important to me both professionally and personally.

i use it professionally for Farmbot and I also use it for a number of personal projects usually in the embedded/Nerves space.

Since i do use it in a production application, I’m hoping to give it a bit of love over the course of the next few months. That being said i’m no expert with Ecto itself, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve set up a new GitHub Organization here and moved the sqlite_ecto2 repo there also. I also created a channel on the Elixir-Lang slack called #sqlite.

If you’re new to sqlite and are interested in using it with Elixir (or Nerves) i actually wrote a blog post about it here


@mmmries Has agreed to move sqlitex to the new Sqlite-Ecto org also. :boom:


Take good care of it, Connor. :slight_smile:

Glad to see it get some overdue love.


Thanks so much for getting it as far as it is today! i use it in production currently and it’s been good to me. Time i repaid the favor!


Amazing way to step forward for the tools you use and rely on :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing your work going forward, and super nice to see things like sqlitex joing in as well … great community spirit in Elixir!


Really excited to help out with the sqlite_ecto stuff. I hope this can make sqlitex more useful for more people and make production uses of sqlite more practical.


Hey @ConnorRigby, do you have plans making an sqlite_ecto3 library?

I’m very interested in using such a thing. Do you have a roadmap on how hard it would be to migrate from Ecto 2.2 to 3.x?

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Yes i do plan on it at some point, but i haven’t had time to actually do it yet.

there is an open issue about it here as well as a tracking branch for the latest Ecto 2.x.x release.
There is no hard defined roadmap currently, as i don’t need any ecto3 features as of right now, but the general list of things that will need to happen is:

  • update to the latest ecto 2.x.x release (there are issues with this currently)
  • rename/fork sqlite_ecto2 to sqlite_ecto or sqlite_ecto3
  • follow the outline defined in this post

I would love some help with this as i just don’t really have the time/ability to do so as of right now because ecto2 is working fine for me currently.


I actually wanted to help you with this… I even forked it and added some commits at https://github.com/DiodonHystrix/sqlite_ecto2/commits/my-fixes It’s a bit messy, but there weren’t that many changes from 2.2.9 to 2.2.11 (latest version)
I also have another branch for Ecto3 changes, but it’s still very very WIP

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the best strategy for creating a pull request to support the latest Ecto 2 version?
Should I rebase from that tracking branch and advance commits one by one?
Also on the master supported version is: {:ecto, "2.2.9"} while on the tracking branch you are at 2.2.6 or something. So which one is the right one?:stuck_out_tongue:

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@DiodonHystrix i would love your latest 2.2.11 changes. Don’t worry about them being too messy as that can be cleaned up. Please open a PR whenever you feel you are ready.

What is the status of your effort? Is Ecto 2.2.11 supported as your commits say? Are there any tests to run to verify?

I’d like to try my hand in (a) making sure that Sqlite works well with the last version of Ecto 2.2.x, and (b) make a separate repo for an Sqlite adapter working with Ecto 3.x.x. If you don’t have the time or desire pushing this forward, I could copy your commits in my own forked repo and carry on from there.

It was merged into master. You can check a commit history.