Starting 3 months of Erlang/Elixir on Monday!

On Monday I’ll start my 12-week batch at the Recurse Center. I’m very lucky and happy that I get to work on whatever I want for such a long time, and I’ve chosen Erlang and Elixir because I want to further my understanding of functional distributed programming—I can’t think of any better languages to learn for that.

One of the main things Recurse likes to stress is that you should understand all abstractions deeply—meaning I don’t want to limit my knowledge of Elixir to mix.phoenix new. That brings in the topic for this thread: What resources have you used to learn Erlang/Elixir/OTP deeply?

I know of most of the books, but maybe a blog post or a project that you wrote (maybe I’ll write a bit torrent client!) that helped.

Sorry for the rambling, just wanna do cool stuff!


Nice one :023: let us know how you get on.

Our current list of books is here: Elixir Books

And you may also want to look at:


In fact the whole section might be worth a browse:

With regards to deeper understanding of the topics, hopefully some of our members will give you some tips in this thread :slight_smile:

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