Store persistent login sessions

I am building a webscraper that logs in to a few different sites. I am currently using Hound and PhantomJS to scrape.

The bot is currently able to log users in, but I want to be able to store their session in my Postgres db so that at a different time I can use that session to log in and perform the bot actions again. Something that I need to consider is that this bot will start out with a couple hundred people using it concurrently.

Is it possible to have one PhantomJS server running for 100 users that spun up a GenServer and started using the bot concurrently? I just read that GhostDriver allows isolated sessions, but PhantomJS doesn’t and that every session shares the same cookie. Does anyone have experience working with PhantomJS and the cookiejar?

Will I need to find a different solution than PhantomJS if I need to have several users logging in at the same time performing different web scraping tasks on the same PhantomJS server.

I ended up switching to ChromeDriver and it works great. I am able to store the cookies for individual sessions and log in via the cookie now.

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I ended up switching to ChromeDriver and it works great.

It’s been my experience so far as well. I switched to it after I read this (a bit sad) Stepping down as maintainer announcement on phantomjs mailing list.

Sorry for being off-topic.

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That’s interesting. I actually noticed that Chrome had a headless option for the first time and that was what made me switch. I had no idea he had stepped down.