Syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 3?

Is it really the case that the only syntax highlighting available is for only Sublime Text 2? Or is there a package somewhere that I’ve missed?

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there should be a package called Elixir for Sublime Text 3. This also provides syntax highlighting (but you have to restart Sublime Text afterwards in order for it to take effect).

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Spoke too soon! What I found via google is the same vishnevskiy/ElixirSublime that I found last night, which does not provide code completion. If an Elixir syntax-highlighting plugin exists for SublimeText 3, could somebody please point me directly to it???

EDIT: It does provide code completion, but not syntax highlighting. Apologies for the mistyping and making this thread confusing!

Good grief, I googled several reasonable searches for that last night before posting, and got nothing except references to the TM bundle that only supports Sublime Text 2. This morning I read your post, thought “really, where???” but googled to double check before posting here, and it was the first hit.

Anyway, thanks.

@Alchemist has shown you a plugin which is able to do syntax highlighting. But in the first paragraph you are talking about completion as well…

For completion I am only aware of two tools that can do it. One is the elixir intellij plugin and the other is the tool behind Emacs alchemist mode. There may be wrappers available for other editors as well.

@Alchemist has shown you a plugin which is able to do syntax highlighting. But in the first paragraph you are talking about completion as well…

No, he’s led me to a plugin which does code completion, but not syntax highlighting. (Edit: My bad that I misphrased in the above comment.)

Google “Elixir for Sublime Text 3”, the first hit is the one I referred to above, and its description states “This package does not offer syntax highlighting. Use the offical Elixir TextMate bundle.” And the official bundle seems to only support Sublime Text 2.

Seriously, I have google’d the living **** out of this and have not found anything that does Elixir syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 3. If anybody knows of such a plugin, please post a link.

Atom has wonderful completion for Elixir I think, an example:

Ignore it being offset far to the right, that is because of other Atom settings I have, it usually appears at the cursor. ^.^

I’m beginning to think that I need to check out Atom or Emacs… (I was trying to keep that off my learning curve because I’m already dealing with enough new stuff.) I am trying out IntelliJ–so far I my impression can be summed up as “meh”.

If you know emacs then try Spacemacs, it uses the afore-mentioned alchemist and works awesomely as well. Atom might be more traditional if you prefer sublime-like things.

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Atom is great for Elixir and I like that I can fix the syntax highlighting with CSS any time. It’s a bit slow on my laptop though so I only use it when working on large projects for a long time. Not the best editor for a quick fix.

I don’t really “know” emacs. I did use it extensively at one time, but that was literally decades ago…

But it might be time to dive back in…

Sorry for the off topic but have you tried running atom with --disable-gpu? It made a huge difference for me.

FWIW, I’m using the Elixir package for code hilighting in ST3, and the ElixirSublime package does some basic linting and code completion. It does require that that iex, etc are in the path of the ST3 edit process. The code completion is spotty at best.

How? I tried installing the Elixir package for code highlighting into ST3, and it did not work.

FWIW, this motivated me to finally compare Atom–I liked it better within minutes, and after a couple of days see no reason to try to get back to Sublime. (Of course, I’m talking about Sublime Text 2 since I haven’t been able to get syntax highlighting to work in ST3.) Maybe week after I’ll give emacs a try…

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To be honest I don’t know. I did it so long ago and it has more or less “just worked” since then. I did install the Elixir package first. One new thing I’ve noticed is that “hover” over a name now lists where it is used.

I’ll have to give Atom another try, every time I’ve attempted it in the past it has been just too slow. But that was quite some time ago.

I haven’t noticed any slowness in Atom. On the other hand, IntelliJ is definitely laggy.

I’ve been happily using for syntax highlight with ST3. Did try the ElixirSublime package at some point, but can’t remember why I removed it. In any case, the sublime editors inbuilt auto completion has been enough for me and for finding out available functions I prefer iex shell.

I tried that; it did not work.

Now it works.


Literally, I tried installing in the Sublime Text 3 location for packages. Quit & relaunched–did not work. I’ve already deleted ST3, but after seeing your answer here decided to try one more time. Downloaded it, launched it, and it works. Did not do anything else but that…

Don’t mean to bring up an old thread but since you didn’t get a reply, I just wanted to mention that if you’re using macOS and launch the editor from the dock instead of the terminal, code completion might not work (due to some bug with finding the path to the elixir executable).

There was package but I see now is removed, suppose no alchemist integration for sublime now. I suggest to stick with atom in this case (or vim, spacemacs, emacs).