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Well, the only elixir specific thing about this is the site is written in Phoenix, but an important podcast for all open source advocates.

Elixir Podcasts



JSJ 246 GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein




Google Cloud Spanner





Apparently Changelog move to Phonix / Elixir stack .


Long time ago yep, the source is up too. :slight_smile:


SE-Radio Episode 296: Type Driven Development with Edwin Brady

Edwin Brady speaks to Matthew Farwell about Type Driven Development and the Idris Programming language. The show covers: what a type is; static vs dynamic types in programming languages; dependent types; the Idris programming language; why Idris was created. Type safe printf modelling state in Idris modelling protocols in Idris modelling concurrency in Idris type driven development and how it changes the development process.


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There are so many podcasts where,

i) the interviewers don’t do their homework

ii) interviewers aren’t comfortable enough showing their own ignorance by asking further questions. E.g. interviewee says something smart and interviewer mumbles and goes to next question - happens so so often - so frustrating!

iii) people talk about random stuff (which is often enjoyable, but mostly, tech podcasters aren’t interesting enough)

Here’s a list of podcasts which generally avoid those pitfalls:

a) Lambdacast
b) Functional Geekery
c) Elm Town
d) Omega Tau

any other worthy gems?


Don’t forget by @johnny_rugger :023:

Also check out our Elixir Podcasts thread :003:


i like @johnny_rugger - really big fan - but that podcast is so hit and miss, could benefit a lot from a lil more effort and research up front (sorry to say).

the number of times I thought, wow this guest is interesting, and then, then, nothing… arghhh…

hope constructive criticism is ok…

having said all that, I have learnt a lot from Elixir fountain : )