The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp (Udemy/self-published)



I would love a 2nd course on OTP. Maybe couple it with a Phoenix API?

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@StephenGrider, thanks for this course!
I can join critics about terminology, because I often found myself translating objects to structs, etc.

But your course is awesome! I have finished 77%, yet. So many things become clear for me. I wish I could have it half year ago :slight_smile:
Strongly advised for all studying Elixir and Phoenix.
And first lessons about Elixir where examples are based on what will be doing in Phoenix- it is great idea for covering material!

Looking forward for updates af this course and your next courses about Elixir and Phoenix.


I completed this course (along with all of Stephen’s other courses.) I can’t recommend it enough.

I didn’t find the vocab flubs meaningful to my full understanding of the material.


Thank you! I’ve been going over the course again, and using consistent terminology would be great for solidifying concepts through practice. Can’t wait for your future updates! :slight_smile:


I’ve been working through this course and think it’s the best $10 I ever spent.

His style is very approachable and the pace is perfect. The content is the best primer for Elixir and Phoenix that I’ve found so far.

p.s. @StephenGrider : Regarding section 7. The OO way would be to replace the strings with an Enum over a longlong bitvector. Card class is then optional as suit can be determined by ordinal. Functions become simple bit twiddling. Shuffle is a single call to random().


Just enrolled, will see if I can learn! :smile:
Thanks for the discount!


FWIW, your entreaties to pragmatic studio have apparently been heard.


How’s your experience with this course?


With this course?

I would echo this:

Please note: This course contains the use of inaccurate terminologies and may lead to confusion - see comments in the thread below for details.

I would advise people wait until the terminology is fixed - it causes unnecessary confusion.


I’ve taken this course and I absolutely LOVE it. Coming from .NET and Golang, I’m starting over from scratch with Elixir, and this course was amazing for bringing me up to speed. I am really looking forward to his update for Phoenix 1.3


Did the author mention an ETA for the Phoenix 1.3 course update?


It is quite unfortunate that Udemy prices their courses the way that airline industry prices airplane seats - depending on which direction the wind is blowing, on any particular day. If you are an existing customer, you will get emails with prices that are different then what they are offering to you on that other email account that you also signed up but never bought anything with.

The most annoying part is that when you find that crazy moment, when you want to learn something totally new and different, the price might be $200 but you know that if you wait a few days (week a max) they will be emailing you with whatever is in the link, that results in the same course being $10. You look at all of that and in disgust you end up scratching that itch with and/or

Udemy is killing their own sales with such immature pricing tactics. Either that or too many of us are too immature and end up paying the grossly over-inflated prices.


Might be off-topic discussing Udemy prices, but yes, the situation is as @stari describes. Usually, I visit their side using “incognito” Chrome and I get better offers to buy a course than using my typical browser and being logged on my Udemy account.

Regarding the Elixir and Phoenix course in Udemy, it has still not been updated to Phoenix 1.3. I guess it will take some time considering Steven’s reply in Q&A section of the course…


Your teaching style is top notch. Absolutely perfect for me.