To Clojure and back

I’m looking into Clojure and while researching the gotchas of the system I stumbled upon this video:

For anyone who doesn’t want to watch it (IMO 30 min well spent) basically a Ruby guy discovers FP with most its nice parts but without BEAM, then has few problems (some are Clojure related, but most are not - distributed is hard, JVM is no walk in the park, this kind of stuff) and goes back to Ruby now trying to bend it to become somewhat functional since it’s better then nothing and better then working with what he had before.

This arguably sad story made me appreciate my case so much more: I researched a lot of alternatives and switched to Elixir in a similar situation, though most of the paper-cuts that this guy had do not exist in Elixir world and are something we don’t think about till it hurts us (so we take it for granted). Also we get BEAM and it’s really awesome :slight_smile: Still I wonder if there are people going back from Elixir to where they came from, but they sure have not too many reasons to do that.


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