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About me

My name is Tomasz Sulima.

Elixir programmer who loves to combine hobby with work. 1000 questions and tests starts the best fun. I would like to create applications, websites and increase my knowledge of security and BigData related topics.


I live in Koronowo (small city near Bydgoszcz) in province Kujawsko-Pomorskie in country Poland.

I prefer to work remotely (because I have currently low costs here), but also I can relocate inside my country (need a small help with it - only to found a good place) when my salary allow to pay the bills and save some money (more than “2 cents” :smile:). Money at start is not a problem for me, because I’m currently working in side project (like for free weekends) that is well paid.


It’s already described at my linkedin profile:

  1. Version: English
  2. Version: Polish

Area of expertise

I learned lots of languages (from Assembler by C, C++, D to Bash, Elixir, PHP, Ruby - and more). I learned their basics, edited examples and creating my own examples. I also know most popular graphic libraries (FLTK, GTK+, Qt), their bindings (like FLTKD, GTKmm) and more … By months of learning (mostly at home) I was looking for language that meets my expectations.

I know well enough Ruby and Rails, so that I can port app into Elixir and Phoenix.


  1. Elixir
  2. CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5
  3. WebSocket
  4. Security (I need to gain lots more experience)

I worked on / I’m working / I plan to work on projects:

  1. Makestry and it’s dependencies, please see: Makestry LTD enters Elixir |> open_source!
    This one is for stable and currently supported browser versions.
  2. nathealthex - this is private project
    Here I implemented some scrapers and made some changes for rest of code. Some site were really hard, for example: old ASP.NET pages that could have limited session time and invalid HTML.
  3. Chatier (finished) - also private project
    This project uses latest API available in stable and/or unstable version of browsers. It’s HTML5 WebSocket single page application.
  4. You can also see my Special announcement of my plans due to becoming MOTM where I described almost all libraries and project that I have plans for.

So, I’m ok for any project requirements. I can develop jQuery and Bootstrap based app and create app from scratch using latest HTML5 API as well as develop non-web apps.

Currently I’m working only for side-projects (like for free weekends). I’m looking for full (8h) frontend and/or backend remote (if possible) job offer.


  1. Jeff Deville already added them to my linkedin profile
  2. Here are my recommendations from my previous job (Polish language):

Hi, you got good skills. i also posted my information, lets see how this goes. i wish you best of luck.


hi Tom, I am interested in talking with you regarding your Elixir skills. Please let me know if we can connect.

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Hi @hsatl: unfortunately, now I’m not able to take the next job offer.
Of course I’m interested, by currently I’m helping in 2 projects and developing 3rd.
Can you say how much work you expect? If you have a simple tasks then I can help you in next weekend (18th-19th) if you are interested. If you don’t need to start work just now then we can contact in next weeks, but currently it’s no possible.
Thank you for your interest in my profile!

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Tom thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I have a bit larger task (likely around 20 hour or so) every week. Thanks again for getting back to me quickly, appreciate it and hope we keep in touch. Best.


We are looking for an elixir/phoenix developer with a strong swift background to work on a task that involves websockets. The task will not take you much time to complete, as most of it has already been done. Our app runs both djano and elixir/phoenix on the backend and is deployed on google cloud
The task is based on a milestone but we are looking for someone to work with us on the long-term. If you cna prove that you are PATIENT, knowledgable, responsive, creative and open-minded, we will definitely keep you in the team.

Load testing with tsung will be a great thing to know.
Contact with the title " phoenix dev"

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@elixirio Thank you for your message. I have already a job and I do not have time for another long-term work. Hope you will find someone soon.

Best regards,