Makestry LTD enters Elixir |> open_source! 😃

Hey, I’m main developer of Makestry project.

Makestry is the first and only marketplace to connect designers to local manufacturers, you can buy a product designed in Bahamas and made by your local maker. Everybody can join Makestry as a designer, maker or just a costumer to buy the coolest stuff ‘in the world’.

We decided to extract some project concepts that we will use in more than one project into separate libraries and repositories. Now we want to share our current and future work with others.
Makestry LTD owner Cosku Cinkilic will be my sponsor in creating and contributing to above libraries/projects:

  1. ExApi
    This one will help managing APIs without creating useless (for example empty) structs. Some time we want to identify API only by identifier. This library will help us with it allows auto-loading APIs from configuration and register/unregister another APIs at runtime.

  2. Paymex - Universal payment library for Elixir
    This library will add unique Payment API that could be used in all Elixir projects.
    Currently we are going to support payment providers required by Makestry project (and then also for other projects), but our target is to support as many payment providers as possible.

  3. Invoicex - Invoice and related data managing library
    This library will use Ecto and in future versions also Phoenix contexts. It will support managing invoices and all data related to it. For example you will be able to pay for invoice and sub-invoices.

  4. Invoicing System
    A fully open source application for managing invoices. It will be a simple Phoenix WebSocket application that we will use to manage custom invoices and invoices from Makestry and other projects.

Our projects are currently in early stage. I will share repositories as soon as possible and I will create topic for each library/project with more details or at least base concepts.

I hope that with your help we can do much more than minimal (our projects) requirements and we could soon send payments and manage our invoices anywhere and anytime on this world without trouble, helping lots of Elixir developers! :slight_smile:


Sounds great @Eiji, good luck with the projects!

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