Upcoming Book Clubs

Thought it might be a good idea to create a list of our upcoming book clubs!

Joining a book club is a fun way to get you to read or finish a book - the more people in the club the more fun they can be, so feel free to bring a friend! :003:

If you’d like to join PM me and I’ll add you to the list. We also have a few more copies to give away of all of the above, so let me know if you need a copy as well :023:


All books that I would definitely benefit from reading again. New and improved with community support :slight_smile: !


Signed up for the Elixir in Action and the Programming Phoenix LiveView book. (started Elixir in Action, and now notice I could use some help finishing it :slight_smile: ).

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How all, it’s about time we got another book club going, and next on the list is Elixir in Action - seems like a good time to do this book next as it just got released in it’s third edition.

If anyone is interested in joining this book club please let us know in this thread, and if you don’t already have a copy we may have a few to give away! (PM me if you need a copy).

If you’d also like to be one of the book club leaders for this book please say too! (You don’t have to do much, just gently encourage people to post if they joined and have gone quiet) :blush:

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Sounds fun. Would like to join.

Super interesting, I’d love to be a part of it.

Hello I’ll be interested to be part of it. Would be nice to enjoy Sasa’s writing once again.