Uploading images to server

I currently have an app deployed to fly.io and I am having issues trying to upload images straight to the phoenix server.

I want my images to be uploaded to a /static/uploads folder and served from there.

main_photo_location =
      consume_uploaded_entries(socket, :main_photo_location, fn %{path: path}, entry ->
        dest = Path.join([:code.priv_dir(:artistic_translations), "static", "uploads", "#{entry.uuid}-#{entry.client_name}"])
        IO.inspect(dest, label: "DESTINATION")
        # The `static/uploads` directory must exist for `File.cp!/2`
        # and MyAppWeb.static_paths/0 should contain uploads to work,.
        File.cp!(path, dest)
        {:ok, "/uploads/" <> Path.basename(dest)}

    [main_photo_location | _] = main_photo_location

    artwork_params =
      Map.put(artwork_params, "photo_locations", photo_locations)
      |> Map.put("main_photo_location", main_photo_location)

Here is an excerpt from my save event to consume the uploaded images.

I have added my uploads folder to the static_path route so that they can be served.

Right now, I can upload images and they appear where I expected them to be, but if the app restarts or is deployed again they break.

So I ssh into my console and check /app/lib/my_app/priv/static and there is no uploads folder, but the images work when I upload them. I don’t want to use an S3 bucket because there are only a handful of images that need to be uploaded for now. How can I upload to a folder called uploads in my static directory and have it persist when I redeploy? I did rely on the File.mkdir_p!(Path.dirname(dest)) command to create the folder if it doesn’t exist. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Nevermind, still blows up

You need volumes for that. As with any docker based system files won’t persist across instances unless you mount some persistent storage into the running docker instance.

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So this is my first time using Docker, so that would make sense. I previously used to run Nginx and a ubuntu instance.

Right now I created a volume on fly.io and then put this:


in my fly.toml. My uploads still blow up after X amount of time goes by. I can console into the app now and they don’t disappear, but after a little bit of time they are gone.

Okay, so I think I have a grip on it now, but am having another issue.

How do I mount the drive, and access them within the static_path?




config :artistic_translations,
    uploads_dir: "app/uploads"


def handle_event("save", %{"artwork" => artwork_params}, socket) do
    photo_locations =
      consume_uploaded_entries(socket, :photo_locations, fn %{path: path}, entry ->
        dest = Path.join(["static", "uploads", "#{entry.uuid}-#{entry.client_name}"])
        File.cp!(path, Path.join(uploads_root(), "#{entry.uuid}-#{entry.client_name}"))
        {:ok, "/uploads/" <> Path.basename(dest)}

I can ssh into my console and see that the uploads are being copied into the uploads folder, but my images are not rendering if I use src={~p"/uploads/#{art_path}}"}

What am I doing wrong?

Can’t test now, but you can try to set up a Plug.Static like this in your endpoint.ex, and adjust at to "/uploads", from to the uploads dir in the system ("/app/uploads"), and since the uploaded files are probably at the root of /app/uploads you don’t need the only option.

Thank you, that was exactly what I needed.